Compassion Parenting Podcast
The Connecting Power of a Collaborative Approach
March 22, 2023
Could a gentler, more collaborative parenting approach improve your relationship with your child or teen? In this episode, our guest Vivek Patel makes the case for "non-coercive, collaborative parenting" and illustrates what it looks like in real-life situations. We also discuss the importance of self-compassion and offer tools to move through difficult moments in parenting.
Vivek Patel is a conscious parenting mentor, a student of life, an artist, dancer, martial artist, writer, poet, jewelry designer and Dad! Through his own conscious exploration, he developed a non-coercive, collaborative parenting approach which he now teaches to parents around the globe. His main wish is to help parents have closer relationships with their kids. Vivek is the founder of @meaningfulideas on IG, FB, YouTube, and Twitter and is a sought-after speaker & podcast guest.

"The Connecting Power of a Collaborative Approach" © Mary Illions Wilde, MD

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