Compassion Parenting Podcast
Restoring Family Peace Through Conflict Resolution
March 15, 2023
Do you ever feel tension thick in the air within your family? Uncomfortable times like these don't have to linger. On today's episode, Hesha Abrams, author of "Holding the Calm: the Secret to Resolving Conflict and Defusing Tension" shares wisdom she's gleaned from decades of experience as an attorney mediator and applies these to conflicts we encounter at home.
Hesha Abrams, Esq. is an internationally acclaimed master attorney mediator known for crafting highly creative settlements and resolutions in very difficult matters. By "holding the calm," she has created settlements worth billions of dollars and saved clients billions more using her innovative approaches to deal making. In her book, "Holding the Calm: the Secret to Resolving Tension and Defusing Conflicts," she shares the secrets that can help us as parents know how to prevent explosions, disarm conflicts, and reduce drama. You can find out more about Hesha at and sign up for her monthly newsletter!

"Restoring Family Peace Through Conflict Resolution" with Hesha Abrams © Mary Illions Wilde, MD
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